NFTfi Bundles allow borrowers to collateralize multiple NFTs at once.

This feature provides borrowers with added flexibility when negotiating higher-value loans with lenders and allows for quick and gas-efficient renegotiation and renewal of multi-collateral loans.

Multi-Asset Lending

Previously, borrowers had to take out multiple individual loans secured by one collateral NFT each to borrow a larger loan sum. Now, borrowers can add multiple NFTs to a bundle (up to a maximum of 236) and take out a single loan against all of them at once. This drastically reduces time and cost for both borrowers and lenders.

Flexibility and Gas Efficiency

NFTfi Bundles can be modified and reused indefinitely. Borrowers do not have to recreate the bundle from scratch each time they want to remove or add NFTs for their next loan. They can simply "unseal" the NFTfi bundle, make the desired changes, reseal it, and list it for the next loan. This makes NFTfi Bundles the most gas-efficient and flexible way to take out loans secured by multiple NFTs.

Bundle Creation and Management

To find details on how to create and manage bundles, have a look at the borrower guide.

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