Making loan offers

As a lender on NFTfi, you can compete against other lenders to offer competitive terms on listed NFT collateral. Some borrowers will signal their desired loan terms, which you can offer if you wish but you can also offer any other terms too.

Users can only lend against assets from collections that have been whitelisted by the NFTfi team.

  1. Navigate to 'Give a loan' and then 'Give a new loan'.

  2. You can now filter by collection and find collateral you’re interested in lending against.

  3. Once you’ve found an NFT you want to give a loan against, select it and you will be taken to the listing page.

  4. If the borrower has set desired terms you can offer these, or alternatively, set your own terms.

  1. Click 'Make offer' and sign in your wallet. You may also need to provide permission for NFTfi to move your WETH.

  2. Your offer should now be live. You can check on your open offers by navigating to 'Give a loan' and then 'Offers sent'.

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