Loan Renegotiations

Renegotiations allow borrowers and lenders to renegotiate their loan terms anytime before the loan has been foreclosed (even if the loan has already defaulted).

This is commonly used to extend loans and increase or decrease the APR. Another common use of this feature is to come to an arrangement when the borrower doesn’t repay the loan in time.

Flexibility in Loan Terms

With the Loan Renegotiation feature, borrowers and lenders can change the loan period and repayment amount at any point during an active loan or after the loan has expired, provided it has not been foreclosed. This flexibility allows users to adapt to changing circumstances and strategies.

Trustless Renegotiation

Renegotiation takes place within the NFTfi dApp, providing a secure and convenient option for both borrowers and lenders.

Customizable Offers

Lenders can demand a fee (or borrowers offer an incentive) for the opportunity to renegotiate. These incentives, or fees, can be customized, and users can also send a message to provide more context. Fees are only paid once the offer is accepted by the lender.

Reviewable and Modifiable Offers

Users can review, modify, or cancel their renegotiation offer at any time before the other party responds.


The other party can refuse to renegotiate, accept the new loan terms, or make a counter-offer. Counter-offers can also be reviewed, modified, or canceled at any time before receiving a response. Users can continue making counter-offers until both parties are satisfied.

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