Making private offers

Private offers on NFTfi allow lenders to make loan offers to potential borrowers for assets that are not publicly listed. This feature can be particularly useful for friends or parties who know each other and want to facilitate a loan without listing an asset on NFTfi. It adds a layer of privacy and personalization to the lending process.

Private offers can only be used for NFTs from a collection already whitelisted on the platform.

  1. Click 'Give a loan' and then 'Private Offers'.

  2. Navigate to, find the URL of the asset for which you want to make a loan offer, and copy it.

  3. Paste the URL in the field on NFTfi and press the 'Lookup' button.

  4. You will see the asset's page, showing the NFT as unlisted. Click 'Make offer'.

  5. Fill out the loan offer terms and click 'Make offer'.

  6. Sign the transaction to confirm the offer. You may need to also provide permission for NFTfi to access your WETH.

  7. Your offer has been created, and you can now share its URL with the asset owner. You can also update the terms or revoke the offer before it has been accepted.

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